FOR HER (2-pack)

$49.95 $49.95

Elevate For Her is a specifically formulated supplement for women to improve mood, stimulate desire and increase an overall sense of well being, naturally. Boosting energy and confidence while reducing symptoms of stress, hormone imbalance and age leads to more satisfying physical relationships and experiences for women, and her partner.

  • improves sexual health and desire;
  • helps maintain hormone balance;
  • 100% free of synthetic hormones;
  • sugar-, gluten-, dairy-, and egg-free;
  • tested on humans, not animals;
  • certified safe and effective by Health Canada;
  • NPN 80090876

Additionally, For Her benefits ten wellness functions including:

  • reduction of PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • reduction of stress and anxiety
  • helps regulate blood sugar
  • helps maintain muscle tone
  • helps memory and mental clarity
  • improves energy
  • improves skin texture
  • improves metabolism