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Funny Sex Facts: What Are Women Thinking During Sex?

Have you ever been caught up in the heat the moment, deep in the middle of spectacular sex with your partner and stopped to wonder: “What are they thinking about right now?”

Ideally, if it’s the best and most satisfying kind of sex, we aren’t thinking about anything. We’ve finally been pulled out of our pesky little brains and we’re experiencing a break from all the neuroses and thought cycles that run our waking lives. But let’s face it, not all sex is good enough to blast our brains to the stratosphere. Sometimes our minds wander to all sorts of strange places and it’s not always the task at hand.

For generations, it’s safe to say that no one had any idea what anyone else thought about during sex. After all, people didn’t even feel comfortable discussing sex as an actual thing that happened beyond the baby-making before the 1950s. Fortunately, we don’t live in those dark and unenlightened times any longer.

Nope – we live in the age of the internet. So discovering what women think about during sex is a mere embarrassing Google search away. All you need is the will, an internet connection, and a solid bout of insomnia to unlock the answer to this age-old question. Chances are it was that special combination of elements that brought you to this blog right now. It certainly happened to me. In fact, I went through way too many of these articles and discovered a handful of hilarious and common examples.

Turns out, what women think about during sex can be just as odd and scattershot as anything that anyone thinks about at any time. It’s just extra amusing because, you know, good old fashioned hanky-panky was going on as these thoughts occurred.

Here are a few favourite funny sex facts about what are women thinking during sex, pulled from some of the finest publications the internet has to offer:

  • “What do I look like right now?” – Sure, we’ve all been curious. The truth is that you don’t want to know.
  • “Why does he look like that?” – See above.
  • “You know what I love? Pizza. I’m going to have some of that after this.” – Relatable content!
  • “Did I take my birth control this morning?” – Probably not the best time to have this thought, but at least you’re being responsible!
  • “My ex, so I can finish faster.” – Lots to unpack here. Much more than a one-liner in a blog could ever hope to accomplish.
  • “I really hope my dog doesn’t jump on the bed. I really hope my dog doesn’t jump on the bed…” – We really hope that dog doesn’t jump on the bed too!
  • “I really hope the kids don’t run into our room right now.” – See above.
  • “It’s too early to be doing this.” – And five other things you should have dealt with twenty minutes ago.
  • “Don’t pee, don’t pee, don’t pee.” – See above.
  • “I wonder how many other people in the world are having sex right now.” – Deep…
  • “Damn that’s good.” – Good for you.

So what can we learn from all this? Mostly that women can think about pretty funny things during sex. Also, we can change that to “people can think about pretty funny things during sex.” Because if you were to do a similar insomnia search to uncover what men think about during sex, the answers would be equally, funny, sporadic, and bizarre. Often they are even the same random thoughts. The truth is that we can’t really control what we think about during sex. Realistically, we shouldn’t think about anything at all. If we find that one specific thing keeps popping up in our brains during sex, that’s usually an issue that needs to be addressed elsewhere.

The truth of the matter is that endlessly thinking about pointless nonsense during sex can be a sign that something is wrong. It’s normally a sign that there’s something wrong with our general wellbeing that should be examined. Sometimes it means that there is something wrong with our relationship. A healthy sex life is generally a sign of a healthy life. So if you can’t get your mind off of something during sex, you probably need to look into that thing so that you can go back to having blissful thought-free sexytime. It’s a sign of deeper problems, a sign that our overall wellbeing isn’t where it could be.

Or it might just be that you have a restless mind that never calms down. Maybe you think about goofy nonsense every second of the day and sex is no different. Maybe that’s healthy for you. Could be! In which case, you’ve probably got a couple of good blog posts in you that you may want to consider writing…

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