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Does Libido Define Desire?

As we age, our libidos tend to fade. During puberty or our 20s, sometimes we would be willing to pay cold hard cash just to get a break from our libidos for a bit. Of course, that changes over time and suddenly sex isn’t a driving force in our lives. It’s just one of the many things that we have to contend with when we get up in the morning.

However, there is a common misconception that libido is the only factor in our sexual appetites. We might think that if a partner is suddenly less excited and engaged in sex, that it’s simply the result of their libido dropping and there’s nothing to be done. Yet, that’s simply not the case. Libido may seem like the most obvious culprit in any form of sexual compulsion, but it is really only one factor of many.

Here are some other issues that might cause a sudden reduction in your sex drive or that of your partner. You might be surprised by what’s slowing things down if you take a step back and examine these possible causes. The reasons for a decrease in sex drive aren’t always simple or obvious.

Sociocultural Influences

It’s amazing how the outside world can have a biological impact, even on our libidos. Job stress, peer pressure, even certain images or political issues that we encounter during the day can shut down our sex drives. We try not to let these things bother us too deeply, but it happens…all the way down to our loins.

Relationship Issues

Sometimes decreased sexual activity is a symptom of deeper problems in a relationship. Dwindling emotional satisfaction, major life changes (like the birth of a child or a debilitating illness), or some sort of power imbalance can quickly shut down a libido. If you and/or your partner are having trouble in the bedroom, it’s often a good idea to examine how your relationship is working as a whole. Fixing the big problem will often fix all the little ones.

Medical Issues

Physical Illness and medical conditions tend to come with many side effects and quite often it’s our libido that suffers. You may not think the two issues are connected, but more often than not it happens. Getting yourself healthy again should always be a priority in these situations and you just might find your libido comes raging back along with your health.

Mental Health

This is a big one. Mental health issues like depression can become so overwhelming that the affect every aspect of our lives, even sex. It’s easy to think these problems are all in your head, but when they are severe enough they affect the entire body. Never underestimate the impact that mental health issues can have on your entire life, especially your sex drive.

Have you noticed any unexpected or sudden changes to your sex drive? Rather than powering through these issues, it’s important to pay attention to what could be causing this change. While age-related libido changes are certainly a possibility, you could be experiencing stressors related to a myriad of other external or internal forces. What other factors would you add to our list?

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